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Here is a list of questions we get asked all the time:

1. I don’t know if my child is ready for a swim club yet. How do I know if this is right for them?

If your son or daughter has passed Swim Kids 3, or can swim half a length in the middle pool, they will likely be able to swim with the Northern Storm. Our club is specifically for competitive and pre-competitive swimmers looking to improve their swim technique and have fun in a team swim environment. Parents looking for learn-to-swim programs should enroll their child in a city swim program.

2. Does my child have to be recruited? Does my child have to try out?

Your child does not have to be recruited; in fact, we do not recruit swimmers from city swim programs. If you are interested in finding out if the Northern Storm is right for your child, please contact us and your swimmer will be asked to join us during either a Saturday or Sunday practice for a coaching assessment. We assess new swimmers at any time during the year.

3. My 6-year-old wants to compete. Can they train with your club?

Unfortunately, no. City of Sault Ste. Marie rules do not allow us to have club members under 7 years of age train in city pools.

4. I was told by somebody that NSAC is a 'developmental club,' and that you have hardly any fast Senior swimmers. 

Because NSAC is still a "newer" club (founded in 2008), we haven't existed long enough to produce the large contingency of Senior swimmers (age 14+) that some clubs have.  But, if you look at the younger NSAC swimmers who've come up through our ranks, you'll see they excel in the region and are medaling at Provincial meets.  It won't be long before NSAC has more than its share of swimmers storming in to National level meets -- we just needed a few years to bring them through our system.

5. I read in 'the paper' that you you don't get enough pool hours from The City.  How do your Senior Level swimmers get enough training time when your team only has 8 hours of City pool time per week? 

Actually, NSAC swimmers have access to all the pool time they need for successful long term athlete development.  Our most committed swimmers train 4 additional weekly hours at Lake Superior State University's Norris Centre in Sault, Michigan.

5. I heard that swimming is expensive. What will it cost me to join?

We try to make swimming as accessible as possible. Depending on the level of your swimmer, the cost can be as low as $4-5 per hour. NSAC swimmers can expect to pay varying fees based on the number of hours they plan to train and the number of meets they attend. Please contact us for more information on club fees.